Hassan Khan is a British Actor from London; Khan is a theatre trained actor who is known for his intense versatile chameleon like acting skills. Hassan Khan has trained under Drama Guru Craig Jones for six years in Stanislavski, Shakespeare, Berkoff, Brecht, Greek, Improvisation and Alexander technique for Stage and Screen. Khan further developed his training at RADA (under Hilary Wood), Old Vic (under Kevin Spacey) and Actor Prepares UK and Europe (under Anupam Kher and Justin Pierre). Khan has been performing plays throughout his training and got his break as assistant director for Old Vic Theatre under Kevin Spacey.

Khan was scouted by Mumbai based AP talent agency where he was invited to audition with Yash Raj Productions (India's most celebrated production house). He has performed at some of the UK's most prestigious venues- Royal Albert Hall, Millennium dome and Old Vic theatre to name a few. Khan is fluent in English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi and Arabic which makes him accessible to the east as well as the west.


"Hassan Khan is a volcano of talent...I always knew from the moment you picked up your razor in the production of Sweeney Todd that you were a special, talented, creative performer. I have taught thousands of drama students over the past decade but your characterization and flair still sets the bench mark of excellence. " - CRAIG JONES, Drama Guru

"Superb Theatre actor who has incredible control and fluency of language (Hindi)" - PERVAIZ ALAM, Award winning BBC Hindi Broadcaster and Director of India EU Film Initiative

"Phenomenal talent, body language, gestures and voice control is excellent" - JUSTIN PIERRE, Theatre Director, AP UK & EUROPE

"Excellent actor for the future" - ANUPAM KHER, Veteran Actor and Legend of Bollywood Cinema

"Outstanding talent, great student of cinema" - HAMENDRA KUMAR BHATIA, Head of AP UK and Europe

"Fantastic Talent!" - ART MALIK, Legend of Hollywood and British Cinema